Natural Born Salon, a destination to bring out your style

Natural Born, the name is the spirit of Moi Gonzalez. Experience what passion and talent can do for you


“When I talk with someone and learn about them and what they want, I just start to reveal that style inside them.”

You are the design we work with

At Natural Born, our team has a way of working together to bring out the best in everyone

One vision, many styles

In creating a style, Natural Born uses different tools and talents to bring out the one from inside you.

The cut

Whether it is a precision cut, layer, razor, fade or clipper you are looking for, we can create just the perfect length to fit your face shape. A style never duplicated!


One of the specialties at Natural Born Salon…just like the seasons, we follow a wonderful mix of tonalities to best fit your hue.


Choose your tone whether it is Neutral or Bold, we will help you achieve that look that brings out your best features

Letting another man cut your hair (or letting anyone cut your hair, for that matter) is a uniquely personal experience, and a great haircut is far from commonplace.

Moi (the owner) utilizes his obvious skill set, not to give you the haircut he thinks you should have, but to shape the haircut that you want into something more.  It may seem like an obtuse way to describe that process, but trust me, it’s spot on.  During my first visit, I showed him a picture I had clipped out of GQ and said, “give me that.”  And he did.  But he also made it ‘me’.  He didn’t make me look like the guy in the magazine; he made me look like I should be in a magazine of my own, a skill which he has applied to each subsequent visit (I’ve been going there for over a year now).

There are no scalp massages or complimentary bourbons here; just damn good haircuts, easy parking, and a competitive price structure.  If you want the best haircut of your life, well, you heard it here first.

Mario B

I was recommended to see Moi by a friend that raved about him. So I am recommending everyone to see him.

One thing I love about Moi is that he pays attention to detail. Never had I experienced this with getting a hair cut. Actually getting to know you. And see what fits your style. After several months with seeing him I decided to do something different. Giving Moi complete artistic creative control of my new style. Naturally having thick and curly hair. Never had I thought I could have thin straight hair. Now I am able to style it in a way I never thought I could.

Thank you so much for everything. Please call and set up an appointment with Moi.

I am proud to call him my stylist and friend!


Moi is an absolute genius!!! He has helped me with perfecting just the right color for my hair. He continues to keep my hair healthy and happy and I won’t go anywhere else but to him! Price is also very reasonable considering he only uses the best products.

Doris J

I had an amazing experience with Ruby today! Attention to detail was 10/10 – she spent a lot of time on my ombre and the results were amazing. What I liked was when I was talking to her and Moi before the treatment, they decided on a color that would be a good fit for my hair. They want your hair to look and feel good not just as you’re walking out of the salon but the next week, month, etc.

Cristina B

Moi Gonzalez

Moi Gonzalez

Creator and Founder of Natural Born

Moi Gonzalez is the owner and founder of Natural Born Salon. Natural Born is not just a salon, it is an extension of his passion and talent for style. Moi does not create your style as much as he brings it out of you. With an uncanny approach beyond his years, his old soul thinking is the culmination of years of training alongside his natural ability. You are in his salon to express your style. His selfless approach is one of listening to you, what you want and who you are form the direction of his talent.

A native Chicagoan, Moi was attracted to hair before he started his career. In fact that attraction was not to cut hair, is was about color and texture. He started with friends and found a passion and love for the experience of personal style. With that love, he began to hone his skills and talent. Moi learned the craft and the business from some of the best. From his learning years at major salons and alongside top stylists, Moi found his own voice and style to offer to clients. That is how Natural Born came to be.

When you enter Natural Born Salon, the focus is on you. Whether it be the scalp massage for a man, or the consultation to a full makeover, color change or look that lets you bring out the best in you.

Natural Born focus is on bringing out your style. Naturally.